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laingsburg michiganLaingsburg is a small, predominately residential community with services for the community such as banking and commercial business. It is surrounded by agricultural and other undeveloped land.

Easy access to I-69 via Woodbury Road and US-127 via Round Lake Road continue to bring change to the community. Such access provides potential for growth, with enhancement of the City's character as a bedroom community to people seeking residence in a smaller community. The City of Laingsburg's unique situation, places it directly in the line with likely development pressure, both residential and commercial, from the Greater Lansing area.

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December 3rd 4:00 - 8:00

We will be lighting up downtown to celebrate this magical time of year.  There will be wagon rides, kid's activities, ice sculpting and many other events throughout the Burg.  Mr. and Mrs. Claus will arrive on the fire truck at 5:00 for everyone to see and say hello.  Check the Laingsburg Business and Community Facebook page for more details.  Come out and enjoy the evening with friends, family, and neighbors-- it's always a great time!





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