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laingsburg michiganLaingsburg is a small, predominately residential community with services for the community such as banking and commercial business. It is surrounded by agricultural and other undeveloped land.

Easy access to I-69 via Woodbury Road and US-127 via Round Lake Road continue to bring change to the community. Such access provides potential for growth, with enhancement of the City's character as a bedroom community to people seeking residence in a smaller community. The City of Laingsburg's unique situation, places it directly in the line with likely development pressure, both residential and commercial, from the Greater Lansing area.

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News and Events

Come join us in celebrating Shirley's Retirement!  Friday, January 12th in Council Chambers from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Cake and refreshments will be served.  We'll miss you, Shirley!!

Expanded SATA Services Now Available for City of Laingsburg Residents!

Our City Council members have voted to join the Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency (SATA) and Transportation Solutions Division (TSD) of SATA to help you get where you need to go!! What does this mean for you?

  • Discounted fares of $1.50 to $3.00 one-way, instead of $4.50 to $9.00
  • Schedule recurring trips as far in advance as you want.  You no longer have to wait until the day before or the day of a trip to schedule a ride on the bus.
  • Access to Transportation Solutions services for your transportation needs out-of-county, nights, weekends, and holidays!


For more information call:

SATA at (989) 729-2687, or

Transportation Solutions at (989) 725-9303





The apartment above the library is available for rent.  If you are interested, please contact City Hall for more information or to request an application.

Lose something?  

A bike? Car Keys? If so, contact the Laingsburg Police Department to see if it has been turned in.


Laingsburg Updated Parks & Recreation Plan


Click HERE to see the Revised Parks & Recreation Plan

Are you having a problem with your video/cable television provider?

If you are experiencing problems with your provider, you should first contact your provider and attempt to resolve your dispute with them.  If you are dissatisfied with the provider's response, or the dispute is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may file an informal complaint with the MPSC. How does the informal complaint process work?

  •  A customer contacts the MPSC with  a video/ cable  television   complaint.
  • MPSC Staff forwards the  complaint to the provider & informally mediates (if necessary) between  the provider and the customer. 

The provider is allowed up to 10 business days (under normal circumstances) to respond and provide a detailed resolution to both the customer and the MPSC.  If you remain dissatisfied even after the Staff has completed the informal complaint process, you may file a Formal Complaint. 


For more information: 

For more information about filing a complaint, PA 480, or the dispute resolution process, go to the MPSC website at: michigan.gov/mpsc.  Click on the video/cable  button.


You may also contact the MPSC at:

Telecommunications  Division Attn: Video Franchising

P.O. Box 30221

Lansing, Ml 48909


Phone: (800) 292-9555

Fax: (517) 284-8200

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2017-18 Preliminary Budget

View the full Laingsburg Approved Budget Report here



Park Reservations Calendar

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Bates Park



MDOT Information


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Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act

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