Laingsburg 175th Centennial Anniversary

One-day Celebration Planned For 175th Centennial Anniversary

Laingsburg 175th buttonLaingsburg is 175 years old this year (2013) and plans are under way to have a one-day celebration on September 14.

10:00- Opening ceremony: Relatives of the Laing and McClintock families have let it be known they want to be present.

11:00- The time capsule of 25 years ago will be dug up and another buried for removal in 2038.

A special first day stamp cancelation will be offered.

11:30- Historical tours: A tour of Laingsburg historical locations is ready to go. With special maps designating numbered historical locations. People can also take the tour on their own. 

12:00- Dinner: A pig roast with all the trimmings is a definite; a free will offering will be accepted.
Historical encampments such as those during Laingsburg Heritage Days are planned and are headed by Dave Mitchell.

1:00- Kids games, old fashioned kid’s games will begin at McClintock Park.


2:00- Jamboree Band, music by local and surrounding talent will begin.


3:00- Cutting of birthday cake

Franklin the First Merit Moose mascot, face painting.


4:00- Laingsburg High School Jazz band begins.

Wooden nickels and buttons with appropriate text are on sale.


5:00- new informational sign revealed.

Closing ceremony.

Time capsule burial.


6:00- Street dance begins; Jack Clarkson Band will begin playing at Roosevelt Row. Until 10:00 pm